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Chemotherapy Patient Education

Being diagnosed with cancer can be overwhelming. With everything that’s on your mind, it can be difficult to absorb the information you’re receiving from your care team, keep track of what’s next, and understand what to expect on your treatment journey.

We created our Chemotherapy Patient Guide as a resource to help you understand what chemotherapy is, how it works, and what you may experience throughout the course of your treatment. This guide covers:

  • Specific precautions to take related to your chemotherapy medications
  • Chemotherapy side effects and how to manage them
  • Physical changes you may experience during and/or after your chemo treatment
  • Advance healthcare directives

Click here to access our Chemotherapy Patient Guide in English.

Click here to access our Chemotherapy Patient Guide in Spanish.

Your nurses, doctors, family members, and friends are all part of your healthcare team. We are dedicated to supporting you as you undergo cancer treatment and are happy to provide additional education and resources along the way.