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Vendor Management

Community Memorial Healthcare’s vendor management program was created to ensure a safe environment for patients, staff, and guests. We require all our vendors to register their company and any representatives who will be accessing any of our facilities with our vendor credentialing partner Vendormate Credentialing, a GHX® company. Your registration with Vendormate allows us to:

  • Credential your company and your representatives
  • Communicate our policies to you and your team
  • Collect and maintain up-to-date information from you and your representatives

Registration fees are based on the scope of the vendor’s business relationship with our health system and are paid directly to Vendormate.

Registration Steps

  1. Provide your company contact information to our vendor management team through our support page
  2. Visit our vendor portal
  3. Register your company and each individual representative by providing any requested documents and completing all requested policy acknowledgments on the Vendormate Credentialing website (any questions regarding registration can be answered on FAQ page)
  4. Vendormate Credentialing will send an email to confirm your submission and your reply is verification that your profile is complete
  5. Notify your company’s representatives that they will have to add Community Memorial Healthcare to their accounts within their Vendormate profile, complete the user relationship questions, and address all items listed as a requirement for their position

Badges & Check-in

We require that everyone in our facilities wear a badge indicating whether they are staff, physician, visitor, or vendor. Vendor access levels have been defined (low, medium, and high) with specific registration requirements for each. As a vendor, you will only be permitted in the areas for which your badge indicates you are approved. All vendor representatives will be required to check in at our Vendormate kiosk or through the Vendormate Credentialing app, available in the App Store or Google Play. Vendors visiting Community Memorial Hospital, in Ojai and/or Ventura are required to have a printed Vendormate badge. This badge must remain visible for the duration of their stay and can be printed at our Vendormate kiosk located in the main lobbies of the both hospitals.

If you have any questions about our vendor management program, please contact us.

Community Memorial Vendor Management Support Team
Phone: 805-948-5022

Vendormate Credentialing Support Team
Phone: 1-888-476-0377