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Residency & Training

A healthy community depends on ready access to high-quality healthcare, and Community Memorial Healthcare is committed to providing it in every way. Our renowned medical education programs are a critical part of that commitment. We offer a variety of highly respected medical training and residency programs for physicians and nurses. Our instructors are highly skilled clinicians who have wonderful expertise and experience to share, and they enjoy fostering the growth and advancement of the next generation of caregivers. Medical residents and trainees work side by side with our staff in our community hospital and clinic settings to prepare for rewarding careers down the line.

Graduate Medical Education (GME)

As our population grows and ages, the demand for physicians continues to grow faster than the supply. We are addressing the need by offering exceptional training for the next generation of physicians in our unique community hospital setting. The goal of our GME program is to train outstanding physicians who work in a collaborative environment and give back to the communities with which they are involved. If you are a prospective resident or interested in learning more, click here.

Undergraduate Medical Education

Our undergraduate medical education program is a vital resource for students studying medicine at Western University of Health Sciences, Pomona, CA. Students perform all of their core and most of their elective third-year Clinical Rotations with Community Memorial Healthcare. We have rigorous selection criteria and we choose only 44 participants from a broad pool of applicants. Only medical students in the top 20% of their class are accepted. Our program offers a comprehensive curriculum that prepares students well for ongoing medical training. We are a respected pipeline for high quality graduates looking to go into accredited GME programs.

Nurse Residency

This program is designed for the new-graduate Registered Nurse (RN) starting a career in the adult acute care environment. The goal is to help you build a solid foundation for your nursing career and refine your clinical judgement and leadership skills as you navigate the transition from student nurse to acute care professional nurse. Learn more.

Student Nurse Internships

The Student Nurse Internship Program at Community Memorial Healthcare is an ideal employment and learning experience for nursing students, and a great way to set your nursing career on the right path. Opportunities are available at Community Memorial Hospital – Ventura, Community Memorial Hospital – Ojai, and our Continuing Care Center. Learn more.