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Cancer Resource Center

Our Commitment

Community Memorial has long been committed to supporting cancer patients and their families, from diagnosis to recovery. Our Cancer Resource Center offers services, support, and educational opportunities for cancer patients, their families and caregivers, and our community at large. We offer these services at no cost, in a welcoming, non-hospital environment. Many of our classes are now available virtually.

To learn more, or access any of the free services at the Community Memorial Cancer Resource Center, please contact us at 805-948-5459 or

Cancer Nurse Navigator

A cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. Suddenly, you’re having to make sense of complicated medical language, schedule multiple appointments, and make decisions that impact your long-term health and wellbeing. It’s a lot to process. Fortunately, our Cancer Nurse Navigator is here to help. A registered nurse with special training and experience in cancer care, the navigator guides you through every step of your cancer journey, from diagnosis to recovery and beyond, providing:

  • Education on your diagnosis and treatment options
  • Care coordination and appointment scheduling
  • Access to resources including transportation, home care, and more
  • Assistance dealing with insurance and referrals to financial counselors
  • Advocacy: Support ensuring your questions and concerns are addressed by your medical team

Social Services

A licensed social worker is available to counsel patients with cancer and their caregivers. Services include:

  • Assistance applying for Social Security, disability, or other forms of financial assistance
  • Support obtaining transportation or home care services
  • Help locating and accessing support groups and other resources

Resource Library

Our cancer team has assembled a library of reading material on cancer research, cancer treatment, treatment side effects, and countless other topics related to cancer diagnosis and treatment. The Cancer Resource Center also offers free internet access, assistance with research, and informational materials in Spanish.

Wig and Hat Bank

Hair loss is a common side-effect of chemotherapy. Our Wig and Hat Bank provides cancer patients with free wigs and hats to help them cope with the physical and emotional side effects of cancer treatment.

Classes and Support Groups

The support of other cancer patients and survivors can have a significant impact on the healing process. We host a variety of educational classes and support groups. These are safe, private spaces for learning, sharing stories, and processing the many emotions that come with cancer diagnosis and treatment.

  • Breast Cancer Education & Support Group (virtual)
  • Cancer Nutritional Series (virtual)
  • General Cancer Support Group (virtual)
  • Gynecologic Cancer Support Group (virtual)
  • Head and Neck Cancer Support Group (virtual)
  • Level 1 Yoga (virtual)
  • Ostomy Support Group (in-person)
  • Restorative (Gentle) Yoga (in-person)

For a complete list of all the classes and support groups offered by Community Memorial, visit our events calendar.