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Cardiac Rehabilitation in Ventura County

Rehabilitation Program Designed for You

As amazing as today’s minimally invasive procedures are, some heart conditions still require open-heart surgery. After heart surgery, our patients are transferred to the Cardiac Care Unit for care, further evaluation, and referral to Cardiac Rehabilitation after discharge. The care these patients need is not limited to their physical symptoms. According to the CDC, Evidence shows that depression, anxiety, PTSD, memory problems, and “brain fog” can develop after a cardiac event such as a stroke, heart attack or heart failure.

Cardiac rehab can benefit patients with any kind of heart condition, whether they are recovering from a heart attack or heart surgery or living with a chronic condition like heart failure. Our staff takes a multidisciplinary approach to rehabilitation, to ensure that our patients are cared for physically, mentally, and emotionally. We offer education, encouragement and support to both patients and their families.

Providing a Multidisciplinary Approach to Each Patient

The goals of cardiac rehabilitation are to help people regain strength, prevent their conditions from worsening, reduce their risk of future heart problems, and improve their health and quality of life, body, mind, and spirit. Age and other health problems are factors in the risk associated with heart surgery and influence the recovery period and potential for future levels of activity. Our carefully planned program includes these key components:

  • Oversight: Our Cardiac Rehabilitation nurses are specially trained in cardiology, nutrition, body mechanics, and exercise physiology.
  • Education: We make sure patients understand their condition, their treatment, and what they need to do to reduce their risk factors and stay healthy.
  • Exercise: Our team can advise on how and when to start or resume an exercise program.
  • Nutrition: We help people develop heart-healthy eating habits through classes or a private appointment with one of our dieticians.
  • Stress Reduction: In addition to educating people about the link between stress and heart disease, we offer gentle movement classes like Tai Chi and De-stress yoga.
  • Lifestyle Changes: Ask our team about resources for quitting smoking and losing weight.
  • Emotional Support: Our rehabilitation team is happy to address your questions and concerns.

Special Classes

The classes listed below are especially popular with our recovering heart and vascular patients. Click on the links below for details.

De-stress Yoga

Heart Healthy Nutrition Class

Stroke Support Group

Tai Chi by Maki