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Swing Bed Program

Bridging the Gap Between Hospitalization and Home

As a federally approved program, the Swing Bed Program at Community Memorial Hospital in Ojai is designed to provide patients with individualized nursing care and rehabilitation following a hospitalization. It bridges the gap between hospitalization to home or a skilled nursing facility. Our swing bed program provides:

  • A collaborative, interdisciplinary team approach to care
  • Lower caregiver to patient ratios than a typical long-term care facility
  • Rehabilitation services
  • Physicians available 24/7 to oversee your care
  • In-house emergency care
  • On-site laboratory and imaging service available 24/7
  • In-house pharmacy

Services Available

After a hospital stay, many patients need additional therapy, support, or medical treatments to heal. Skilled care through our Swing Bed Program includes the following services, as needed:

  • Physical, occupational, speech, and respiratory therapy
  • Wound care by certified wound care nurses
  • Intravenous (IV) medications and monitoring & PICC line care
  • Pain management
  • Dietitian services
  • Spiritual support services
  • Focused education on the safe use of medical equipment
  • Social services and case management
  • Discharge planning

Treatment Plan

The amount of time you or your loved one spends in our swing bed program depends on your individual treatment plan and goals. Weekly conferences are held with patients and their care team to discuss progress, and discharge is usually indicated when:

  • Treatment goals have been achieved
  • The patient has reached a plateau in his or her rehabilitation therapy
  • A custodial level of care has become necessary
  • Continued care requires long-term placement
  • The patient’s needs or level of care has changed (i.e. bathing, toileting, or walking)

For patients who require continued skilled or custodial care, Community Memorial offers long-term services in our Continuing Care Center, located on our hospital campus in Ojai.

Who Qualifies for the Swing Bed Program?

In order to qualify for swing bed services, patients must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be covered by Medicare Part A
  2. Have a three-night qualifying stay in an acute care hospital prior to swing bed admission
  3. Have ongoing care needs that require skilled care as defined by Medicare
  4. Be treated for the same condition they were treated for in the hospital

If you would like more information on the Swing Bed Program, please contact Admitting at 805-948-2222.