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Pelvic Floor Care

This specialty focuses on conditions that affect the female pelvic fibromuscular structure and pelvic organs, and have an impact on urinary, defecatory, and sexual function. To become a urogynecologist, a doctor must complete a residency in either obstetrics, gynecology, or urology and then receive additional specialty training in female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery.

One in four adult women, and 50% of women over 50, have a pelvic issue of some kind. Our urogynecologists treat a broad range of pelvic problems and have extensive range of expertise in, specialized urogynecologic vaginal surgery, minimally invasive outpatient procedures, robotic-assisted surgeries utilizing the da Vinci® robotic system. We even offer robotic hysterectomies, which are less invasive than the traditional procedure.

Conditions Treated