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Pre-Registration Maternity Services

Prepare for the Birth of Your Baby

Community Memorial Hospital offers a preregistration service that allows us to verify all demographic and insurance information prior to your delivery. Expectant mothers should preregister by the seventh month of pregnancy. The preregistration process allows Community Memorial to communicate with your insurance company to verify benefits and eligibility and eliminates the stress of doing this additional paperwork when you come in to deliver your baby. You need the following information to preregister:

  • Name of the pediatrician/family practice physician who will care for your infant
  • Insurance company information/card
  • Name of your employer
  • Due date (or admitting date if you are having a scheduled C-section)
  • Social Security Number
  • Emergency notification numbers

Ways to Pre-Register

  • Preregister in person by visiting Admitting on the first floor of Community Memorial Hospital – Ventura, which is open from 5 am to 8 pm daily.
  • Preregister on-line here.
  • Download preregistration forms to fill out and bring in to Admitting.

For any questions on how to pre-register, call 805-948-8310.

Your Baby’s Birth Certificate

Your child will need this essential piece of paperwork throughout his or her life. Birth certificate registration for your baby is done while you are in the hospital. Your baby will also be issued a Social Security Number at this time.

We encourage you to print these forms, fill them out, and bring them with you when you arrive to deliver your baby. If you don't bring them with you, the forms will be available at the hospital and you'll be asked to complete them once you arrive at the postpartum unit.

Birth Certificate Worksheet (English) | (Spanish)

Paternity Papers

This form serves as an official declaration of paternity when the child’s parents are not married. Paternity papers can be filled out and signed by both parents. A government issued photo ID (driver’s license, passport, etc.) is required to sign the papers. The paternity forms are available through the birth clerk in the hospital. Once paternity papers are signed, the father can be listed as such on the birth certificate. This does not affect the baby’s last name – the baby can have the father’s last name regardless of whether or not the father has signed the paternity papers. The paternity forms are available in the hospital.