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ROSA® Robotic-assisted Surgery

Manufactured by Zimmer Biomet, the ROSA joint system enables surgeons to perform knee and hip replacements with exceptional accuracy and efficiency. ROSA is short for “Robotic Surgical Assistant” and that’s exactly what the robot does: assist surgeons in planning, personalizing, and performing knee and hip replacements for consistently excellent outcomes.

The Perfect Fit

Ideally, a knee or hip replacement should last for 25 years — and even a lifetime. Getting a precise, comfortable fit is essential. The ROSA Joint System does not require the use of CT scans. Instead, surgeons use a series of pre-operative X-rays detailing the measurements and positioning of each patient’s “individual anatomic landmarks” to create a 3D image of that person’s unique knee or hip anatomy. Based on this 3D image, ROSA planning software creates a custom blueprint for optimal alignment, joint stability, and mobility. The software helps the surgeon determine the ideal positioning of the implant, ensuring the best possible fit in the surrounding soft tissue, and customizing alignment and balance through a complete range of motion.

ROSA machines

Before surgery begins, optical trackers and a mini camera are attached to the patient, so the computer always knows exactly where the joint is in space. The ROSA Joint System works like a GPS system, adjusting for the tiniest movement. The surgeon can tell the depth and angle of the instruments inside the patient’s body.

ROSA provides the surgeon with continuous real-time data, helping them precisely position the implant. It enhances accuracy, making it easier to avoid nerves and preserve anatomy. Surgery is performed manually except for two critical steps: cutting the bone and placing the implant. This involves six “primary cuts,” performed with the assistance of the ROSA Joint’s robotic arm to ensure that the surgical plan is followed precisely as programmed.

Benefits of Surgery with the ROSA

  • Better fitting implant
  • Reduced trauma to adjacent tissues
  • Lower incidence of complications
  • Smaller incisions and reduced scarring
  • Minimal blood loss
  • Less post-operative pain
  • Shorter hospital stays and recovery time

Most patients can resume their normal activities a couple of weeks after surgery.

Providing Award-Winning Care

The national Blue Cross Blue Shield Association selected Community Memorial Hospital in Ventura as a Blue Distinction® Center+ for Knee and Hip Replacement, as part of the Blue Distinction Specialty Care program. Blue Distinction Centers® are nationally designated healthcare facilities that show a commitment to delivering high-quality patient safety and better health outcomes, based on objective measures developed with input from the medical community and leading accreditation and quality organizations.