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Fit to Be Gifted: Community Memorial’s Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

‘Tis the season for gifting! Show friends and family you care by choosing presents to help them sleep more soundly, eat better, improve their fitness, and relax. Whether you’re trying to support the health goals of a loved one or pick the perfect present for a fitness fanatic, you’ll find inspiration in the suggestions below.

Fitness Trackers

According to New York Times Wirecutter reviews, Fitbit still reigns supreme in the fitness tracker arena. Their favorite was the Inspire 3, praised for its ease of use, battery life, and accuracy. The accompanying app can be upgraded to Fitbit Premium, which offers extra perks such as mindfulness sessions and guided workouts. Another favorite is the affordable Apple Watch SE, a smart watch and fitness tracker in one. Tracking accuracy is excellent but projected battery life is short — around 19 hours. In addition to its standard heart rate and step count monitoring, the pricier Apple Watch Series 9 tracks blood oxygen levels, monitors body temperature, records an electrocardiogram, connects with Dexcom (for diabetics who use a continuous glucose monitor) and more. The futuristic OURA Ring, worn on a finger as the name implies, tracks exercise, sleep patterns, and menstrual cycles, monitors heart rate and body temperature, and detects blood oxygen levels. All the information transfers to a user-friendly app.

Please note: Fitness trackers are NOT medical devices, and the data they record is not regulated or legally protected in the same way as the health information a doctor collects. If the user has an irregular heartbeat, they should not rely on an activity tracker to help manage their condition.

White Noise Machines

Sounds for sound sleeping — what a welcome gift for the insomniac, night-shift worker, or new parent in your life! White noise machines mask intrusive sounds like traffic, snoring, or barking dogs by producing constant calming sounds, either from a fan inside the machine or recordings of gentle winds, rain, or crashing waves. Not everyone is soothed by the same sounds, so we recommend choosing a machine offering ten or more options. Select something light, packable, and battery operated, especially if it’s for a frequent traveler. Hatch and SNOOZ both offer multiple options at a variety of price points. Most models integrate with your smart phone, and many also offer built-in night-lights.

Sleep Masks

Many people don’t sleep well if there’s too much light in the room. Sleep masks are an effective solution, and are usually more affordable than blackout shades. Look for soft, breathable, machine washable fabric, convex eyecups to create space between the sleeper’s face and the mask, and an adjustable strap.

Healthy Eating

It’s no secret that healthy eating can be hard — especially for those with busy schedules or limited access to fresh produce. A meal kit or meal prep subscription makes a great gift for friends or loved ones who want to kick off the New Year on the right track. Hello Fresh, Daily Harvest, and Blue Apron are popular meal kit subscriptions that offer a variety of menus to choose from including vegetarian and weight-loss plans. Factor75 and Trifecta provide fresh, fully-prepared meals that require minimal cooking and can also be tailored to your loved one’s dietary needs.

Fruit or vegetable of the month clubs or local CSA boxes are also healthy options. A quick online search can lead you to services that specialize in delivering organic produce from local farmers or exotic fruits and vegetables from around the world.

Yoga Accessories

A colorful new yoga mat makes a great gift, as do yoga accessories such as blocks, belts, bolsters, or sandbags. Give a fashion-forward friend new yoga gear or a gift certificate to a yoga and fitness apparel store to keep them motivated.

The Balance Stool

With so many people making the shift to remote work, it’s essential to have a comfortable home office chair. A balance stool offers all the back benefits of sitting on a balance ball — and it won’t roll away. Look for a stool with adjustable height, and one that’s small enough to stash in the car for a day at the main office.

Massage Tools

There’s nothing more relaxing than a good massage, and almost nothing is better for supporting mental and physical recovery. For the stressed mom, fitness fanatic, or wellness enthusiast in your life, a massage tool provides easy access to most of the health benefits of professional massage. These tools range from manual devices that make great stocking stuffers to sophisticated electronic devices with various settings and attachments. If you are shopping for a massager, consider the following:

  • Power and speed — Higher power and variable speed settings allow for customizing the targeting and intensity of the massage
  • Noise level — Loud devices may detract from the overall experience
  • Portability and ergonomics — For the athlete or traveler in your life, check out lightweight and blue-tooth enabled options, such as the Theragun Mini massage gun
  • Attachments — The more attachments, the more customizable the massage experience will be

Therabody, Hyperice, and Achedaway all have a variety of options at every price point.

Fascia Relief

Fascia is stringy connective tissue that surrounds, supports, and stabilizes every muscle, tendon, ligament, tissue, organ, and bone in your body. When fascia tightens, it can create painful trigger points. Body rollers, massage sticks, and therapy balls make excellent moderately priced gifts to relax sore muscles and tight fascia.

Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

This one’s for your buddy who never leaves home without a water bottle. The latest “smart water bottles” have built-in water purification devices that use UV-C LED technology to kill waterborne microbes. It’s a great gift to encourage hydration throughout the day. We love LARQ for it’s sleek, portable design and one-year warranty.


A gift certificate for a massage or spa-day provides a luxurious respite from the daily grind. You may also consider gifting someone special with a membership to our Community Memorial Wellness & Fitness Center, a personal training package, or a series of Reiki healing sessions. In addition to classes, our Wellness & Fitness Center offers top-of-the-line cardio and strength training equipment for every fitness level.

Aromatherapy Oil Diffuser

Essential oil diffusers disperse aromatic essential oils into the air, creating a calming and soothing atmosphere that can help reduce stress, anxiety, and enhance mood. An essential oil diffuser is not just a health-conscious holiday gift but also a gift of relaxation, self-care, and a nod to comfort during the holiday season. In addition, the wide variety of essential oils available allows your friend or loved one to personalize their aromatherapy experience, tailoring it to their unique preferences and needs. We love this affordable option, available on Amazon.

Herbal Tea Set

Encourage relaxation and wellness with a selection of high-quality herbal teas paired with a stylish teapot or infuser. An herbal tea set is a whimsical holiday gift idea that promotes well-being and relaxation. Herbal teas come in a variety of flavors, are caffeine-free, and provide a variety of health benefits. This gift encourages self-care and a moments of tranquility during the busy holiday season. Shop local and visit All Things Tea in Camarillo or Spice Topia in Ventura. Magic Hour offers an extensive online selection of teas, subscription boxes, and a tea salon in beautiful Ojai.