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Primary Care Pathway

The Primary Care Pathway prepares residents for a career in primary care by optimizing their clinical experience to promote excellence in ambulatory medicine. The Pathway is open to all residents in the Internal Medicine program in their second and third years. While the program provides all residents with a robust outpatient experience, including continuity clinic, outpatient medical specialties, dermatology, psychiatry, orthopaedics, addiction medicine, pain management, and free clinics, residents in the Pathway further hone their skills through additional time in continuity and specialty clinics as well as opportunities for electives in related areas, such as office gynecology, office ENT, and sports medicine.

Our curriculum has a monthly outpatient lecture series and daily pre-clinic discussions. Subjects include chronic disease management, billing and coding, disability evaluations, population health, preventative services, physical examination (Stanford 25), and point of care ultrasound (POCUS), in addition to board review of general internal medicine topics. These topics are covered in greater depth for those residents spending more time in continuity and specialty clinics.