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Journal Club

Journal Club Curriculum

I. The Philosophy of Evidence-Based Medicine

II. Understanding Clinical Trials

  • Types of Clinical Trials
  • Defining the Question

III. Diagnostic Tests

  • Sensitivity and Specificity
  • Likelihood Ratios
  • Pre-test Probability
  • Spectrum Bias

IV. Understanding Bias

V. Principle of Intention to Treat

VI. Power

VII. P-value, Type I and Type II Error

VIII. Confidence Intervals

IX. Odds Ratio and Hazard Ratio

X. Applying the Results of Clinical Trials

  • Relative Risk Reduction
  • Absolute Risk Reduction
  • Number Needed to Treat

XI. Observational Studies

  • Understanding Harm

XII. Moving from Evidence to Action

  • Screening Tests and Grading Recommendations
  • Evidence-Based Care

At least one article per year will be on a diversity topic.